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Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 710.0.9200.16521

Internet Explorer 10 finally comes to Windows 7

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 allows Windows 7 users to test out the latest version of Microsoft's browser.Windows 8 launched with Internet Explorer 10 installed by default but Windows 7 users were still stuck with IE 9. With Internet...
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  • Shailendra Mishra

    by Shailendra Mishra

    It is most useful tool for me, my system was not working with out IE 10, now it is working satisfactory.

  • Nagarajappa N

    by Nagarajappa N

    thanks. internet explore very nice in computer system this site very useful. Pros: fastversion. Cons: fastversion

  • by Anonymous

    thank. god work and i need it fast speed some software need it thanks. Pros: thanks. thank

  • by Anonymous

    Worst ever browser seen. I would not have touched the browser if it not built-in within windows. As far as i see it is the best browser to download an another browser. Pros: only browser to support ,mhtml files. Cons: does not detect slow net connections (2G) often crashes on sytems with low configurations. much older design. very slow. lacks add-ons. annoying user interface. lacks stability. EvenMore

  • by Anonymous

    Make it our choice if we want to download something? . It absolutely sucks, it loads itself down on my computer and everything goes slow, can go into my yahoo account, but cannot read one email, it wrecking my norton anti virus, have to restore my computer to an earlier time already 5 times to get rid of explorer 10 and then my norton have to be updated again 126mb and it is taking a looonnng timeMore

  • by Anonymous

    Fix the bugs with Windows 10 then offer the free download.. From the viewer side of it, it sounds if they aren't to happy about it, do to the fact of losing some of their features. So once the bugs are worked out then I will think about the new download so for now I think I will stay with Windows 7.

  • by Anonymous

    Typical Microsoft junk if it works break it.. Total junk Invalidates all my Web code that has worked for years. Pros: nothing. Cons: Breaks existing code. Typical of Microfost

  • by Anonymous

    To experience what is all about the internet explorer to any other.. Just try it into working of internet. Because I am not will inform about this kind of activities I just want to use it in any of my works using this.

  • by Anonymous

    Have lost my ability to use/re-install IE9 since installing IE10 PlatformP2. Maybe it is directly associated with having installed Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, but I have recently lost my IE9 browser. I receive a \n error message stating that I may not install IE9 because I have a newer version currently on my computer. I have searched, manually in-installed the Preview Platform 2 version of Ie10More